Monday, March 21, 2011

How I fixed my Sinus Infection

I have been hearing so much about people having sinus infections, I thought I'd quickly type up my experience  with it a few months back.

This was my first experience with sinusitis - and let me tell you, it was no fun. It came on fast and it HURT badly. I had a headache and very intense pressure under my right eye. I was cranky and tired - mostly from all the pain. After a couple of days of this - and right after I talked to someone who had just went to the ER for sinusitis, I decided to make an appointment with my family doctor. I called  but he wouldn't be available for 2 days. I made the appointment though I sincerely thought I'd end up at urgent care before those 2 days would come to pass.

So I kicked into high gear- I knew I was on a deadline. I came home, looked up sinusitis in a bunch of books, did some research, drafted up a plan and set out to do nothing all day except take care of myself and do my best to get rid of the sinusitis. A crucial first step, by the way. In this modern age we all seem to expect to handle illnesses without slowing down - hence we so often wait too long, then end up popping pills for things that could have otherwise been handled naturally.

I took some supplements - these are all things I carry in my practice so luckily I had everything on had. 250 mg of food based Vitamin C (works a lot better than ascorbic acid) every couple of hours is the first thing I start with when I feel under the weather. Since sinusitis can be caused by bacteria, virus, or fungi, I decided to have a broad approach. Obviously, the Vitamin C would support my immune system. Vital Nutrients Herbal Biotic and Vital Nutrients ViraCon are herbal supplements - the first one has anti bacterial, the second has antiviral effects. I decided its not fungi - mostly from gut feeling but also because it seems like if my sinusitis had been fungal, it would have been more chronic, not such sudden onset acute. I took 2 of each pill 4 times that day. I crushed a clove of garlic and swallowed it with some water - then chased it with a bit of honey. I only did this once because I couldn't stomach it that day but there is no reason not to do it multiple times.

About 4 times that day, I boiled some water, added a bunch of salt, hovered over the pot with a towel over myself. I steamed my sinuses but decided to kick it up a notch and added some tea tree oil to sanitize my airways- and quickly found out why that one book specifically said "Add 1-2 drops". Whoa! That stuff stings... but also luckily evaporates quickly. So I ended up adding just a single drop every couple of minutes.

I did compresses with wet, warm washcloths throughout the day which I found very soothing.

I did Neti pot rinses  2-3 times as well.

I drank herbal tea all day long - not that that's really any different than any other day for me but the hot liquid was certainly smoothing. I opted for rosehips, peppermint and chamomile that day.

I ate nothing all day. Mostly because I just wasn't hungry but it is also important to note that your immune system is most active when you are fasting. So in a way it makes sense. However, I wouldn't recommend fasting if a sick person is hungry - but if you are under the weather and can't imagine eating, don't shove food down your throat because you think you have to.

The next morning I woke up and felt okay. The pressure was mostly gone and my hunger was back. I continued my Neti pot rinses and the supplements but didn't do anything else. I did go in to my appointment with my family doctor the next day who said I was obviously recovering on my own but handed me a prescription just in case since the weekend was coming up. I never did use it...

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